Talent Management

GNR Consultants employs a methodical approach, using contemporary tools, to address an organisation's resourcing needs. Without active, motivated and relevant employees, an organisation is unable to perform efficiently and successfully. Accordingly, at the very onset of its Talent Management Services, GNR Consultants conducts a comprehensive analysis of the client organisation to study and understand the dynamics of its core business and operations, along with its human resources pipeline, so as to first establish a system of strong succession management. With the objective of creating a more strategic and talented workforce, one that can drive business objectives and organisational health, the foundations are laid for the achievement of the long-term aims and aspirations of the client organisation. A more business-oriented workforce, and a strong pipeline, based on an equilibrium of the demand and supply of skills, ensures that employees can easily adapt to rapidly changing infrastructure and trends. Additionally, such employees are more likely to remain engaged and motivated towards both driving and managing the business' performance as highly committed, dedicated and loyal employees.

For this purpose, the existing human resources are studied, in particular regard to their respective scopes of work and roles within the organisation, to accurately identify resourcing needs, and make suggestions for resource onboarding and/or resource reassignment. The strategies used are geared towards the maximisation of organisational efficiency whilst bridging all talent gaps and minimising short- and long-term costs. The subsequent recruitment, that is undertaken in a methodical and structured manner, and/or the reassignment, of dynamic and holistic individuals, who are flexible and can perform across different business functions in the organisation, endeavours to capture and satisfy varying demands of the job.

Assessment of Actual Resourcing Needs
Customisation of Scopes of Work
Defining Equilibrium of Demand & Supply
Establishment of Human Resources Pipeline
Reassignment & Recruitment of Employees