Joao Goncalves
Joao GoncalvesProject Manager
Torchlight Group LLC
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Trying to establish and maintain an operational platform thousands of miles away from the company's headquarters is a daunting task, and nigh impossible if you lack the local contacts and knowledge that are vital to such an endeavour. GNR Consultants’ Team has been a most pleasant surprise of operating in Pakistan: trustworthy, hard-working and highly responsive, they have proven to be an asset every step of the way by advising and supporting us through the process, and assisting us in maintaining smooth operations. The collaboration has been a great success and we will certainly keep coming back to GNR Consultants with our future requirements.
Kelsey Hoppe
Kelsey HoppeDirector
Froppe Limited
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Having operations in Pakistan means that one can’t always be present to make sure things are running smoothly. We needed a trusted pair of hands to provide exceptional service and peace of mind. GNR Consultants does precisely that: they tailored their services to our specific needs, are flexible and respond promptly to unexpected and urgent requirements. It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind but GNR Consultants is certainly value for money in this, and every other, regard.
Sana Aziz
Sana AzizDirector
Lahore Gas Company Private Limited
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We initially held a meeting, with Mr. Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh at GNR Consultants, to discuss our business needs. It was refreshing to hear the ideas that he brought to the table as our trusted advisor. We then worked together with him and his team in customising a solution that proved the right fit for our business. The team at GNR Consultants was approachable, passionate, and responsive, and they delivered above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to working with GNR Consultants in the near future as well.