Resource Development

GNR Consultants works with its clients to build focused resources and to improve overall business productivity and employee performance. In collaboration with client organisations, areas in need of attention, in terms of weak organisations behaviours and competencies, are identified so knowledge gaps may subsequently be bridged through capacity building, trainings and workshops. Each solution for Resource Development, designed and implemented by GNR Consultants, is unique, and customised specifically to meet the needs of the organisation based on its business principles, core values, and objectives. 


The approach is hybridised to focus on sustainable value addition alongside the pursuit of organisational growth. This balance is achieved through engaging organisational leadership to drive change and by creating effective skills-development programmes. Encompassing elements of capability-benchmarking, interactive learning, and progress tracking, all of the programmes assist the participants in realising their maximum professional potential and in turn benefit the organisation. The focus consistently remains on introducing behavioural reforms using a multi-disciplinary strategy that relies on copyrighting resource material, moderating inclusive trainings and workshops, and tracking the resulting changes in competencies within both individuals and the organisation. In order to effectively and efficiently achieved the desired results, GNR Consultants engages and tasks dedicated facilitators and experienced trainers with the creation and execution of customised and innovative learning environments for the targeted individuals, and to motivate measurable change.

Assessment of Needs & Weaknesses
Customised Manuals & Resource Materials
Interactive Sessions & Trainings
Logistical & Managerial Support
Quantified Impact on Competencies & Skills