Management Consulting

GNR Consultants fosters a firm belief in the importance of change and reform in regards to organisations achieving and maintaining excellence and growth. Through dedicated resources and objective advisory, GNR Consultants assists its clients with the identification and resolution of challenges. This is achieved through a comprehensive analysis whereby the organization is studied as an academic subject to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for concern and growth, and propose opportunities and solutions for sustainability. These are proposed with a commitment and an ethos to mitigate disruption of existing operations and overcome any need for ongoing interventions, thereby preventing a protracted engagement or jeoparding the core business of the client. Throughout the process, the client exclusively remains the focus for the entire team, and the services are rendered in a manner to only claim success in consequence of the success of the client.

As an all-service firm, GNR Consultants is able to not only provide holistic advisory vis-à-vis the options available for its clients, but is equipped to autonomously undertake the implementation of the entire reform agenda. This may range from the development of budget forecasts, operational manuals, policy documents, and training programmes to the pursuit of certifications, compliance, and new technologies in line with current global standards. Where necessary, to ensure seamless evolution and transition, GNR Consultants assigns highly competent and dedicated resources for on-site placement as well, and directly manages the designated operations and processes in the transitional phase, though only until such time as when both the client, and its employees, have been fully prepared and trained for their continued and day-to-day management.

Detailed Study of Client Organisation
Identification of Strengths & Weaknesses
Multi-Faceted Interventions & Reforms
Operational Manuals & Policy Instruments
Realisation of Certifications & Compliance