GNR Consultants

GNR Consultants was established in June 2016 with a vision to create a bespoke consulting firm geared towards pioneering innovative approaches and solutions to help its client institutions and organisations drive meaningful change. With a mission to design and implement solutions that are efficient and inventive, and holistically add value to each client’s business cycle, since its conception, GNR Consultants has achieved great strides in the streamlining and standardisation of its internal protocols and systems. These have laid the foundations and provided the impetus for the dedicated development and implementation of truly bespoke and customised solutions for its various clients. Through its close-knit team of highly motivated and qualified professionals, GNR Consultants fosters principles and tenets of equal opportunity, boasting of an enriching, merit-based and professional environment committed to and focused on the advancement of its clients’ interests.

Having initially worked with clients in the non-governmental and public sectors, GNR Consultants assisted them with their capacity-building, organisational restructuring, and process engineering, subsequently contributing to an enhancement of efficiency in their operations and productivity. Over the years, alongside non-governmental organisations and the public sector, GNR Consultants has engaged with a considerably more diverse set of clients encompassing corporate entities, educational institutions, international contractors and donors, and the private sector. The multifaceted array of services offered to its diverse clients are each categorised under the core competencies embodied by GNR Consultants. These have ranged from advisory and consulting, accreditations and certifications, business process delocalisation, change management, organisational restructuring, and process engineering to capacity-building through trainings and workshops, execution and implementation of projects, and recruitment of human resources. In each circumstance, GNR Consultants endeavours to work in close coordination with its clients, and their employees and staff, aiming to encourage and motivate them to collectively drive change for decreased operational risks, greater efficiency, optimal performance, and rooted sustainability.