Maymaar has been conceived and established with an ethos to revolutionise and simplify an otherwise arbitrary and cumbersome market within the construction industry. As an e-commerce solution, Maymaar provides its clients with the comfort and convenience of ordering from an all-encompassing array of brands and variants, through an easy-to-use platform, involving methodical categorisations of the plethora of available products and a highly streamlined process for check-out. These have been tailored and tested to exponentially enhance the efficiency with which clients order, receive and subsequently utilise the available products in their construction projects. Accordingly, Maymaar is steadfastly committed to the attainment of a status as the market leader and to becoming a one-stop-shop for everyone vis-a-vis the fulfilment of construction and finishing material needs. With no external and internal efforts shortchanged whatsoever, Maymaar is poised to boast of this unparalleled honour in the next few months, and to be deemed a major stakeholder in the fast-evolving and fast-growing construction industry in Pakistan, particularly under the tutelage of the Government of Pakistan's Construction Industry Policy.

In order to achieve and maintain significant competitive advantages, Maymaar offers its customers a multitude of unique selling points so as to develop and foster lasting relationships with each of them. With a firm commitment to deliver orders with competitive pricing and quality, each invoice contains a unique QR Code to ensure ease of and immediate reconciliation and verification of the order by the customer at the time of delivery. Furthermore, in a substantive bid to ensure timely delivery and receipt of the ordered items, Maymaar offers a money-back guarantee vis-a-vis its delivery commitments, whereby the construction and finishing material is delivered considerably faster than the standard market lead times. This is further supplemented by a conscious effort to deliver the same at timings convenient for each individual customer, instead of at unreasonable and unseemly hours. Moreover, to save customers the potential hassle caused by a lack of diversity in the methods of payment, Maymaar accepts payments not only through Cash on Delivery and 1Link Funds Transfer, but in an industry first, through Credit Cards & Debit Cards as well, with the latter powered by Bank Alfalah Limited's Internet Payment Gateway.

Into the bargain, Maymaar provides complementary advisory and guidance to all individuals, irrespective of whether or not they have placed orders in the past and/or commit to do so in the future. This is geared towards assisting them in making the most informed decisions regarding the construction and finishing materials they choose to use in their endeavours. For this, any individual may freely contact Maymaar, through any of the means readily listed on its website, and discuss his or her specific requirements with a trusted Customer Services Representative in order to receive guidance on what the best options and selections for him or her are. Further, in partnership with the most noteworthy, respected and venerated architects, builders, contractors, developers and experts from both within and outside of Pakistan, Maymaar has also conceived and developed a comprehensive and ongoing interview and lecture series. With a dedicated Youtube Channel, the content and videos are available for the general public's awareness and to serve as a guide and reference point for its audience.

1Link Funds Transfer

Cash on Delivery

Credit & Debit Cards

Complaints, Feedback
& Suggestions

Maymaar greatly values the opinions and satisfaction of its customers. Accordingly, any comments, feedback and/or suggestions are highly welcome, and may be shared with Maymaar through email to or through a call on +92 300 333 3636. In both cases, Maymaar shall endeavour to respond to the communique within 48-72 Hours, and shall endeavour to take the necessary actions on priority.

Change of Order Policy

A customer may immediately call on the designated helpline to change the entirety, or any part, of his or her order, provided payment has not been i) made by the customer and ii) processed by Maymaar. In case the payment has been made, through 1Link Funds Transfer or Credit/Debit Card, but the order not yet assigned to a Delivery Rider, the customer shall be requested to place a new order through the website, and directed accordingly to select 'Wallet Balance" as the Payment Option, so as to adjust the payment previously made to Maymaar. In the case of Cash on Delivery, an order may only be changed when the Delivery Rider is still to be assigned/dispatched.

Once the payment has been processed and the Delivery Rider has also been assigned/dispatched, any additional items and/or changes required by a customer shall be processed by Maymaar as a new/separate order, and the former must also meet the Minimum Order Requirements. Any requests for cancellations whatsoever, whether in full or in part, and/or requests for refunds whatsoever, whether in full or in part, shall only be entertained and processed by Maymaar in accordance with the stipulated Cancellation of Order & Refund Policy.

Cancellation of Order
& Refund Policy

Maymaar shall offer a complete refund to any customer who has been delivered a damaged, defective and/or expired product, and/or where the requested product is incomplete, incorrect, out of stock and/or unavailable. The customer may immediately call on the designated helpline to cancel the entirety, or any part, of his or her order, prior to acceptance of its delivery, and return the order to the Delivery Rider prior to his or her departure. In the event of a customer having accepted a damaged, defected, expired and/or incomplete product, Maymaar shall not accept or process the request for cancellation and refund. It is for this purpose that a unique QR Code is embedded on each invoice, and both verbal and written requests are made to customers to thoroughly reconcile and verify the entire order prior to accepting delivery.

Accordingly, in the event of a request for cancellation and refund, in accordance with the above, as per the stated preference of the customer, the associated amount shall either be immediately added/credited to the customer's Account/Wallet on Maymaar, or be refunded in full through Crossed Cheque, in favour of the customer, and duly couriered to the customer's designated address in Pakistan, within 14 working days of the date of request. Maymaar shall neither offer refunds in the form of cash, nor courier the cheques to addresses outside of Pakistan.

Once the payment has been processed and the Delivery Rider has also been assigned/dispatched, any order that is otherwise complete, correct, in stock, not defective, and undamaged shall not in any way be deemed eligible for cancellation or refunds. A request for the cancellation or refund for any such order shall not be entertained if/when it is based exclusively on unsubstantiated refusal by the customer to accept its delivery. In the case of Cash on Delivery, any such refusal may subsequently also result in the associated amount being duly debited/deducted from the customer's Account/Wallet on Maymaar, and becoming payable, as arrears, by the customer in addition to and in conjunction with the invoice amount for any subsequent orders that are placed by him or her, or using his or her account on Maymaar.

Delivery Policy

The Delivery Charges for each order are calculated specifically on the basis of i) the exact location where the delivery has been requested, and ii) the type of transportation(s) required to deliver each category of products. Notwithstanding any Free Delivery Promotions employed by Maymaar, the Delivery Charges shall remain applicable on all orders, and may be subject to change, at the sole discretion of Maymaar, from time to time. Additionally, in the event of any partial cancellation, return, and/or unavailability of products, the Delivery Charges shall remain applicable on the rest of the products, and the revised Shopping Cart shall still be required to fulfil the Minimum Order Requirement.

The customer shall not be liable and/or responsible for any damage caused, either to the entire order or any specific products therein, prior to his or her acceptance of delivery. Accordingly, the customer may claim a refund as provided in the Cancellation of Order & Refund Policy.

Maymaar enforces a strict policy of compliance vis-a-vis hygienic standards, i.e. the wearing of hand gloves and masks, and the use of hand sanitiser, by every Delivery Rider. Accordingly, any failures in compliance with the standard protocols should immediately be reported by the customer on the designated helpline for immediate, necessary and remedial action by Maymaar. However, non-compliance with any such protocols shall not be deemed eligible grounds for the cancellation and refund of any order, or part thereof, by the customer in question.

Quantities & Pricing Policy

Maymaar reserves the right, at its sole discretion, in cognisance of delivery costs and to secure economies of scale, to define both Minimum Order Quantities and Maximum Order Quantities, for all or some of the products listed on its website. The Minimum Order Quantity and the Maximum Order Quantity, if any, shall be clearly stipulated with the corresponding price for each product. Accordingly, the quantity added to the Shopping Cart shall be in multiples of the Minimum Order Quantity, while the customer shall be cautioned if he or she attempts to add more than the Maximum Order Quantity. The limits may also be temporary, owing to shortages in supply, or ongoing, to prevent hoarding.

Maymaar reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to contact its customer, vis-a-vis their orders pending delivery, in the event of a change and/or error in the price stipulated on its website. Given the informal nature of a large segment of the industry in question, the prices are subject to change without prior notice, and may not have been instantaneously updated on the website. In the event of unavailability of any product at the stipulated price, the customer shall automatically be eligible for a refund, as per the Cancellation of Order & Refund Policy.